I love his mouth. She knows how to suck. She likes to suck. She loves my cock. She loves Me. Herself.
I offer him very beautiful erections. She gave me her ass. Wonderful defoliation. I took the time to worship her. No brutality, she was waiting for me. Slowly, I fucked him, gently I loved my goddess. I like to know it venerated by others. I like her to enjoy. She likes to cum. I like to cum on his face and in his mouth.
I sacrifice myself to his mouth.
I can not wait to find it even in the mouths of others.

Pythonisse Isis
Bitch Goddess Love Goddess

700km to find his mouth that will engulf me. Lyon Paris Paris Her. Somewhere there, deep in his mouth, deep inside. I know she loves to suck me, to smell the smell of my desire. I tasted all his. Tomorrow is Toussaint we will go to a libertine club. I am very excited to see her greedy eyes. I hope they will be up to it. How many orgasms can she have? I do not care about my own pleasure, I know I’m going to fuck. I can not wait to see her with another woman. Only then will I be son of Yonas.


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