La Verpillière

I like that name. No doubt the La. Her name is Lola … 20 minutes to cross the virtuality of reality. I really like his voice and his eyes. She does not like what I write, too bad. At the end of November, the sky is beautiful around 16:30, sunsets squeezed. I hope to see her before dark, in the light. She’s afraid, she told me. I answered him too. I lied. In the distance, I can see the steam of the cooling towers. It warmed down this summer, I was born at the foot of towers a few hundred meters from the 10,000 degrees … I stole a few in passing. The train is coming. She’s waiting for me in her pretty lipstick car. His are very beautiful. She is in a short skirt with pretty black boots. I think she did it on purpose, I too am well dressed. I immediately want her. I accompany her to her patients, I watch her work, she knows them intimately. A lot of kindness and sweetness in his gestures.
Many smiles.
Many of them are Muslims, I do not see any aggression or distrust of this model nurse. The kind of person who soothes.
I look at her, I do not speak much. I do not know if she knows I want her.
I think she too.
I strive to try to see her panties, her color, her shape …
I saw her. Red.